An Instagram viewer for Windows 8


  • Create and view customizable feeds
  • Like and comment on pictures
  • Windows 8 badge updates with new feeds


  • Takes time to learn all features

Very good

WinGram is an app for Windows 8 that lets you view Instagram images from your desktop.

Instagram is one of the most popular mobile photo sharing programs out there at the moment. Sometimes you just want to view your photos and those of your friends on a larger screen though. WinGram makes that possible with its lovely app, available in the Windows Store.

After signing into your account, WinGram lets you view friends' updates via customizable feeds. You can essentially also do anything you'd be able to do on your mobile device in WinGram. This means you can view your user profile, scan recent feeds, follow other Instagram users, and check your own followers. In addition, you can still interact like you would on your phone by posting messages and liking your favorite photos.

There are also some really great extra perks to WinGram, like being able to view a badge update on your Windows Start Screen that updates you periodically with the latest five feeds. There are so many different features in this one single app that it might take time to learn all of them, in fact.

WinGram is a comprehensive Instagram viewer app for Windows 8 users.




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